A quick illustration of how technology is being used today can be seen in the rapid dissemination of information through social media, marketing and advertisement, online
shopping and transportation. In the field of medicine, applications have been developed to aid doctors in making accurate diagnosis of medical conditions such as IBM Watson.
As such the value of technology and innovation can no longer be ignored. The introduction of Blockchain technology, Crypto Currencies and e-banking applications has also
transformed the channels of doing business.
The technological boom has been accelerated by the increased rate of internet coverage and usage in Uganda, Africa and the world generally. However, it suffices to note that
the number of cyber-crime and cyber-security related cases such as information alteration, money laundering, electronic fraud, and infringement of privacy rights is on the
The regulatory and licensing frame works, working policies, administrative standards and litigation guidelines in respect to cyber law are still very under developed in the
country. This is compounded by the fact that law schools in various universities throughout the country do not have undergraduate courses teaching in depth cyber law. The
new breed of lawyers is therefore left at crossroads when cases of such a nature present themselves. Cyber Law Initiative was therefore formed to bridge the gap created by
the challenges and to serve as a one stop center in providing all manner of legal solutions related to technology therein

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