CyberLine is a Legal Techubation hub, Research and Advocacy center institute dedicated to dealing with all emerging technologies domestically,
regionally and internationally engaging directly with all stakeholders as part of its objectives. CyberLine actively indulges in online and offline: public
dialogue, public advocacy, training opportunities, public interest litigation and policy development. Some of the many emerging areas of technology that
the organization engages in include; Social Media, Blockchain technology, Fintech, Internet of Things, Space Law, Artificial Intelligence software,
e-business, e-commerce, e-banking and Big Data among others.


• Influencing the legal fraternity by equipping lawyers with skills to promote access to justice using technology and law as a combined tool
• Building the resource and skills capacity of CyberLine in order to position the Techubation hub as a centre of excellence and Legal-tech innovation
• Building strategic partnerships domestically, regionally and internationally
• Influencing policy and Legal reform through cutting edge research on technology and law

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