Our Approach

CyberLine employs a wide range of mechanisms and strategies to realize its objectives. These range from offering legal advice and representation to innovators in the
technology fraternity as well as undertaking research obligations, advocacy, strategic public interest litigation and legal-tech innovation.

Innovative Public Interest Litigation

CyberLine is aware that the jurisprudence in the Ugandan Courts on matters of technology and law is still very minimal and almost absent except for cybercrime related
offences. As a result, CyberLine establishes itself as a public interest support organization that shall establish precedents to effect changes in law and policies that affect
the technology ecosystem.

Research and Policy Analysis

High quality research and policy analysis are integral in the fulfillment of the organization’s objectives and realization of the programs. Through this mode of operation,
CyberLine shall provide empirical evidence and information necessary for guiding positive policy and regulation in the Technology, Innovation and Communications
fraternity. The research shall also be relevant in increasing knowledge on the thematic areas of the organization and building capacity

Capacity Building

CyberLine acknowledges that achievement of its objectives are hinged on a stable well built capacity of its members in terms of skills and knowledge acquired through
well organized and planned sharing workshops even with other organizations with similar objectives aimed at equipping the team and taskforce.

Advocacy, Dialogue and Debate

Digital advocacy is integral to ensure that CyberLine acquires widespread support and participation from the communities and technology enthusiasts to ensure a
systematic approach that makes it possible for others to be aware of our plans and become involved in the activities. Debates shall also be organized to foster
accommodation of contrary views that act as positive criticisms and challenges to the works on research, regulatory and policy recommendations. Dialogues shall be
arranged to bridge the engagement gap with stakeholders.

Legal-tech Innovation

At the heart of the implementation modes of the programs is legal-tech innovation, enhancing use of creative and emerging new technologies to daily achieve the vision
and mission of the organization. CyberLine prides in taking benefit of social media platforms to expand its outreach to persons within the ambit of its objectives.

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